Bands and musicians performing, usually in San Francisco.

18 images

Street Events

Mostly San Francisco events, from the Haight Street Fair, now more than 25 years running, to the Folsom Street Fair, the world's largest fetish event.

24 images


Portraits of people, mostly in San Francisco, a few outside the city.

18 images


Fights and fighters in the Bay Area, including boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts.

18 images

LIve Evil

Live Evil is the reincarnation of a 13 year old dreamer's heavy metal band, complete with songs only a 13 year old could write. Over the years, Live Evil has become an extended family, a party bus tour of San Francisco, and a theatrical event.

30 images

Shadow Circus Creature Theatre

The Shadow Circus Creature Theatre brought life size puppet shows and vaudeville acts to San Francisco and Los Angeles stages until April 2010. This is a memorial to one of the most unique acts for the 21st century.

24 images


Things I've seen or imagined my photos into seeing, places I've been or thought I've been.

18 images

Abigail the Rock Opera

Abigail is an original rock opera performed in San Francisco. It opened in early May of 2010. These images are drawn from rehearsals, filming and the opening performance at The Temple.

42 images

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